Membership is open to any parent or guardian of multiple birth children.

Benefits of Darling Doubles Membership

    • Provides a support group for mothers of multiples
    • Monthly meetings featuring guest speakers and activities
    • Annual family parties (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas)
    • Weekend Getaways
    • Participation and early access to Boulder County Kids Sale
    • Meal Train set up in times of need
    • Community outreach events and support
    • Multiple-specific information is shared among the members
    • Mom’s Night Out


The fee to join is $20-$35 for an annual membership to Darling Doubles and to the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club (NOMOTC). Membership is renewable in July of each year.

Available Membership Types:

    • Standard Membership – $35
    • Veteran Membership -$20 (Twins are 5 years old or older)
    • Out of Town Membership – $20 (Must live than 100 miles from Denver/Boulder region)

*Requirement for Membership: Parents of twins or higher order multiples.
Contact us via e-mail regarding scholarships.

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