Contact us when you have any questions about club operations, suggestions for programming and services, if interested in serving as an officer, or if you aren’t sure who to contact on the board.

 Hailey West

I am Hailey West- I joined the club 3 and ½ years ago when I was pregnant with my twin boys (who just turned 3). I have 4 kids- all within 3 years of each other. When I found out I was having twins I was TERRIFIED. I was going to have 4 kids ages 3 and under, and what the heck was I going to do!?! So here I am, I found all you wonderful moms who are going through the same thing (ish ) and everyone in this club is so kind, and helpful and supportive. What a great place to be!

I joined the board last year- to try to help. I honestly did not think I had the time, and wasn’t really looking for something extra, but I wanted to support the club and make sure that new moms would have the same opportunity I had. Now this year I am taking on the role of President- for a couple reasons. 1. My husband says he will call me Madame President (so yeah). 2. I want to follow through on the changes we proposed this year, and continue to try to make this club something that women find support and fun in. 3. Most importantly I chose to be president this year because I care about all of you. I love mothers, I love being a mother and I also know how overwhelming it can be. If I can help even one mom feel like she is a badass who can do anything, I have done my job.

Katey Krupka

My name is Katey Krupka, I live in Arvada and I have a preschooler and (almost) 3 year old boy/girl twins!

Joined the club just before my twins were born with about 4 other mamas who all had our babies within a month of each other!

I always wanted to find a group of moms, but never found the right community with my older one.
I felt instantly connected to this club, and was excited to be part of the community. I feel like this group saved me that first year!

And I feel like over the last 3 years, as I got to know a few people more, I have made some real genuine friendships that will last a lifetime. And for that I am so grateful!

Vice President

Contact us when you have questions about monthly meetings or if you have ideas for speakers!

Anne Walter

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I joined DD just before my twins, Olive and Elliot, were born in 2017.  I am so grateful for the support I received before and after my twins were born, and because of this I decided to take on a leadership role to give back to the club that has given me so much.

When I’m not momm-ing super hard I am teaching my pants off. I work at an elementary school in Aurora as an English Language Specialist. I have my summers off, so I have lots of time to pal around with other twin moms during those months. Outside of work I love to spend lots of time outdoors – hiking, snowboarding, and camping.

One of my favorite DD events is the December meeting, where we do an ‘white elephant’ style gift exchange. Super fun and so funny to see what everyone brings.

Angela Buffo

Hi!  I’m Angela and my fraternal twin boys are three years old. I also have a 10 year old son from a previous marriage. I am a 6th grade science teacher and my husband Rick and I have been married for four years.  We love traveling and adventuring to new places and are getting better at adapting to the chaos of having three rambunctious boys in the house.  
I joined Darling Doubles when I was pregnant and was looking for other twin mamas for support with raising and parenting twins.  When I first joined the club I was so grateful for the variety of meeting topics, family events and Mom’s Night Outs that I could choose to attend when I was able.  I really just utilized the Facebook page at first until I was able to have a bit more freedom to get out.  I’ve chosen to join the Board to help make these experiences meaningful, relevant and fun for other moms of multiples! 

Community Outreach

Contact me with your questions about ideas about giving back to our community. We’ll have several outreach activities throughout the year including our Meal Train program. and


Membership Coordinators

Contact us when you want info on membership or know someone that is interested in joining our great group!

Monica Gallegos

My name is Monica Gallegos, mother of twin boys who just turned 3 years old. I joined the club 2 years ago hoping to make new friends who understands the joys and struggles of raising twins. It’s been truly a gift to find this tribe of super moms for support and to become close friends with. I work full time in the corporate world and develop training programs to educate our staff in Data & Analytics. My husband and I also own a business managing short term vacation homes in Winter Park, CO. When we are not in Denver, we find ourselves in Winter Park focusing on being outdoors with our kids and working on building our business.

One of my favorite DD events is the Holiday Party. It is so much fun getting together with everyone and exchanging gifts. We also get to see everyone’s competitive side come out as well. This year, my goal is to make more time for myself and give back to a group of wonderful people who care for each other. I decided to take on the position of Membership Coordinator this year to help with my personal goal. I look forward to meeting all the new members this year and ensuring our new members feel welcomed and apart of this awesome tribe.


Contact me when you have any comments for the clubs comment box, if have any coupons you would like to donate and or if you are in need of any coupons.  You can also contact me if you need to check out any books from our clubs library or have any questions about what we have in our library.  I am more than happy to help or assist any club member in any way I can.

 Sarah Crawford

My name is Sarah Crawford and I am excited to be on the DD board this year as Secretary. For those who don’t know me, I have a 6 year old son going into first grade, a 3 year old daughter, and my B/G twins are 14 months. In my former life (pre-kids) I was a CPA, but I now stay home with our kiddos. I joined DD in January 2018, shortly after finding out I was pregnant with twins, because I knew I needed some advice and a community of experienced twin mamas!

My husband and I are originally from Houston, TX, but LOVE living in Colorado! Even though we moved to Arvada 4 years ago, I’ve had 3 kids in that time and it’s been hard to meet people and make friends. One of my favorite things about DD is the community of like minded women! I have made great friends and enjoy the sense of belonging to a group!

My favorite thing about DD is just the social gatherings. I love to meet and get to know the women of this group better. This year I am really looking forward to the new meeting format and to more social functions. I am also excited about being on the board and getting to know those ladies better. Hope to see you all at a DD event soon!


Please contact me when you have any feedback for the newsletter or website. I am always open to new ideas to improve our website and media.

 Kellie Brown

I am Kellie Brown, your Webmaster. I joined Darling Doubles when I was about seven months pregnant with my twins, Cora and Calvin. Over the past four and a half years, this amazing group provided me so much support not only navigating parenthood, but also the crazy challenges life has thrown me!

My favorite event we attend every year is the Easter Egg Hunt. I love the chaos of kids running after eggs, and being so excited for the simple gift inside.

I hope to attend more Moms Nights Out, as I finally feel I have established my grove and have less mom guilt. I am looking forward meeting new, and vetted members this year!


Contact me when you have questions on the finances or financial matters of the club including  membership dues, newsletter ads or reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the club.

Amy Bayard

Favorite DD memory: My favorite DD memory was my meal train. Women I had never met dropped prepared meals off to my door so my husband and I didn’t have to worry about what we would feed our two older kids and ourselves. It was magical.

Fundraising Coordinator

Melissa Norris

My name is Melissa and I am the fundraising coordinator for the club. I joined in 2017 right before the birth of our boys. I have mono-di identical twin boys who are 3 ½ years old. When I’m not mommin’ at home I work as a Sr Account Manager in the Big Data industry. I love yoga, a good glass of wine, Harry Potter anything, and Disney everything. I joined the board because there are a lot of new awesome changes coming this year and I wanted to be part of the magic. I hope to meet you all in person at one of the meeting, MNOs, or holiday parties.

Sales Coordinator

 Lisa Weiss

Hi! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Lisa, my husband Matt and I have 3 years old twins Sam and Scott. I’m the sale coordinator, a new board position for this year. I will be the liaison between Darling Doubles and the Boulder Twins Club assisting with the kids sales. I will also be working to improve our buy/sale/trade page and am also one of the small group leaders for the Lilly’s.

I live in Golden and work full time as a tax accountant for a company down south. I have lived in Colorado since I was 18, I moved out west with the dream of being a ski instructor. While that career was fun it didn’t pay the bills, so down to CU I went.

I joined Darling Doubles when I was pregnant mostly to shop the sale and not go broke buying 2 of everything and lucky for me I met an amazing group of mama’s to help me along this journey!

My favorite memories from the club have been the social gatherings and making new friends, either meeting for a drink or a play date, it’s been a lot of fun and so great to have a new group of friends who can relate to the crazy!