Darling Doubles 2018-2019 Board Members


Contact us when you have any questions about club operations, suggestions for programming and services, if interested in serving as an officer, or if you aren’t sure who to contact on the board.  presidents@darlingdoubles.org

549222_10150678682999472_1749077784_nMichelle Cheever

Favorite DD memory: My very first monthly meeting had such an impact on me!  I had just moved here from Arizona, where I had very little support as a twin Mom.  Suddenly, I was in this room FILLED with other twin Mamas who knew exactly what I had been through.  I felt so connected to them without even having to say a word.  I had finally found my tribe.





Kathleen Berryman

Image may contain: 4 people, including Kathleen Berryman, people smiling, people sittingFavorite memory: Our first Flip Flops weekend away in Palisade is by far the standout. Our small group had always been pretty close but this really allowed us to bond even more than we had. We laughed, we cried, we relaxed over food and wine. I came home afterwards knowing I had found lifelong friends that have been there for me every day since.


Vice Presidents

Contact us when you have questions about monthly meetings or if you have ideas for speakers! vp@darlingdoubles.org

Tanya Toulou

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, horse and hatFavorite DD memory:  I have to say all of the times I have needed advice and posted on Facebook. So many people take time out of their busy lives and write such supportive and thoughtful responses. It really has been such a huge help!


Katey Krupka

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, babyFavorite DD memory: My favorite memory is my very first meeting! Last year’s August event. 2 other mamas and I were all pregnant and due within a month of eachother and it was just the craziest thing to see so many twin moms together. Everyone was so happy to see us and excited about our future babies. I finally felt like I found my tribe!


Community Outreach

Contact me with your questions about ideas about giving back to our community. We’ll have several outreach activities throughout the year including our Meal Train program. outreach@darlingdoubles.org and meals@darlingdoubles.org

Jennifer Mendoza

Favorite DD memory: I have two favorite memories. The first memory is my first Holiday Gift Exchange meeting where I was worried about if bringing wine would be a good gift to exchange. It was awesome to see how much wine was on the gift table brought by other mamas and to know that I wasn’t the only twin mom who ‘loves’ this type of gift. My second favorite memory was our small group play date to the a splash park this summer. It was wonderful to have so many mamas and kiddos get together and have fun. I can’t wait for more small group play dates now that our small group twins are getting older.


Membership Coordinators

Contact us when you want info on membership or know someone that is interested in joining our great group! membership@darlingdoubles.org

Rebecca Weger

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupFavorite DD memory:Christmas time, in general! The service project was so much fun, and one of the first times that I really got to get out of the house alone and connect with these amazing women! The family Christmas party was wonderful, it was remarkable to see all of the kiddos running around, playing together! Plus, the December meeting was hilarious with the gift exchange! It is great to be a part of this amazing club!



Events Coordinator

Contact us when you have questions or ideas for our holiday parties, mom’s nights out, or our Annual Membership dinner. events@darlingdoubles.org

Erin Hart

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sunglasses, hat and outdoorFavorite DD memory: My favorite memory is watching all the kids scramble back and forth, overwhelmed by all the Easter eggs to collect at the 2017 Easter Party.


Membership Liaison

Contact me about questions regarding your big sister, your small group, or how to get the support you need in Darling Doubles. membershipliaison@darlingdoubles.org

Liseanne Driscoll 

22473521_10215475138018165_422797576_oFavorite DD memory: I’m not sure I can pick only one – I have so many!! This club is filled with such amazing women. Unified in our lives with multiples. I look forward to every opportunity to get together! One of my favorite pastimes is the club Christmas party & gift exchange. So fun!! Another is our small group weekend away, I’ve done two & these are such an amazing time to bring you closer to your sisters, a much needed break from mommin’ & a great time for bonding. So many laughs! Lastly, I love play dates! In all their chaotic glory! Try doing an arts & craft with 5 sets of twins! Such. great. memories!


Contact me when you have any comments for the clubs comment box, if have any coupons you would like to donate and or if you are in need of any coupons.  You can also contact me if you need to check out any books from our clubs library or have any questions about what we have in our library.  I am more than happy to help or assist any club member in any way I can. secretary@darlingdoubles.org

image1Lindsey Bratcher

Favorite DD memory: Postinos for MNO!  This was shortly after I joined (when twins were 6mo) and it was the first time in way too long that I really had FUN and connected with other amazing mommas/women.


Please contact me when you have any feedback for the newsletter or website. I am always open to new ideas to improve our website and media. webmaster@darlingdoubles.org

profile picJenny Johnson

Favorite DD memory: The Ice Cream Social was our first event and we had no idea what to expect.  Everyone was so welcoming, letting us share their blanket to sit with them, gave us tons of tips on the girls, it was great to meet



Contact me when you have questions on the finances or financial matters of the club including  membership dues, newsletter ads or reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the club. treasurer@darlingdoubles.org

Image may contain: 2 people, including Amy Bayard, people smilingAmy Bayard

Favorite DD memory: My favorite DD memory was my meal train. Women I had never met dropped prepared meals off to my door so my husband and I didn’t have to worry about what we would feed our two older kids and ourselves. It was magical.


Fundraising Coordinator

Hailey West

Image may contain: Hailey West, smiling, closeup

Favorite DD memory: I would say my favorite memory was going to my first membership dinner. I was still pregnant with the twins, and I got to get out of the house with my husband and have a nice dinner with some other great twin moms. There were raffles, and a silent auction. I ended up walking away with so many great things for my boys at such a great deal. I look forward to this even each year as a way to have an adult night and score some deals on some amazing things. Also knowing that all of the proceeds help the club and the other wonderful mamas makes me feel even better about my purchases