Darling Doubles 2016 – 2017 Board Members


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Kathleen Berryman 


Favorite DD memory:  It’s so hard to think about just one favorite memory, I’ve had so many and this group of ladies has changed my life.  If I had to pick I think it would be the meals we’ve cooked at Ronald McDonald House; going and preparing a meal with these amazing moms and feeding those dealing with children in the hospital truly is a rewarding experience. The laughs we have while cooking are good for the soul!

Leslie Houtchens


Favorite DD memory: I think my favorite memory was a small group Mom’s Day Out at Balistreri Vineyards. It was great to get to connect with other twin moms in a kid free setting.


Co-Vice Presidents

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13835961_10154466749294382_1324480028_oSky Stephens


Favorite DD memory: My favorite DD memories are all about the people. I had a Big Sister in the group and she was the first person I turned to when my pregnancy got scary. Her compassion and caring brought me through some difficulty times and later I signed up to be a Big Sister too, hoping to pay it forward. Being part of DD has brought people into my life I never would have found on my own and for that I’m forever grateful. I look forward every month to meeting new people joining DD.





Tara Salazar


Favorite DD memory: The first ever Flip Flops retreat. It was so nice to get away from the stresses that come with parenting and reconnect, unwind, and get to know some fellow DD moms better. I really lean on my fellow twin moms for support, advice, and of course, laughs. Lots of laughs!



image1 (1)Andrea Baynes


Contact me when you have questions on the finances or financial matters of the club including the KSS Sale, membership dues, newsletter ads or reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the club.

Favorite DD memory:  Showing up at my first meeting when my girls were 6 months, and everyone was so impressed I was wearing makeup. That’s when I knew- these are my people!



Amber Romero


Contact me when you have any comments for the clubs comment box, if have any coupons you would like to donate and or if you are in need of any coupons.  You can also contact me if you need to check out any books from our clubs library or have any questions about what we have in our library.  I am more than happy to help or assist any club member in any way I can.

Favorite DD memory:  Favorite DD memory would have to be shopping at the Kids Stuff Sale when I was super pregnant and HUGE! A bunch of other members were running around and shopping for me: “Amber, how cute would your twin girls be in these dresses!??” “Ohmygoodness, you need a pair of these Rock-and-plays… trust me, you’ll thank me later!” And I do!!! You all are lifesavers. 🙂

Membership Coordinators

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Jenny Johnson
Favorite DD memory:
The Ice Cream Social was our first event and we had no idea what to expect.  Everyone was so welcoming, letting us share their blanket to sit with them, gave us tons of tips on the girls, it was great to meet so many people with twins.  
 Tracy Krieger
Tracy Krieger
Favorite DD memory: The first DD meeting I ever attended.  I sat in on the new member chat and I immediately fell in love with the concept of the group and everything associated with it. That night was “My Favorite’s” Meeting and I enjoyed sitting back and taking notes on all of the items and favorites the ladies were mentioning.  Being a first time mom and just finding out I was having twins only a few weeks back it was all overwhelming.  I instantly felt connected to these women and encouraged.  I couldn’t believe how nice and welcoming these women were when I was just meeting them for the first time.  I joined the group as soon as I got home and I have been a member since.

Events Coordinators

Contact us when you have questions or ideas for our holiday parties, mom’s nights out, or our Annual Membership dinner.

549222_10150678682999472_1749077784_nMichelle Cheevers


Favorite DD memory: My very first monthly meeting had such an impact on me!  I had just moved here from Arizona, where I had very little support as a twin Mom.  Suddenly, I was in this room FILLED with other twin Mamas who knew exactly what I had been through.  I felt so connected to them without even having to say a word.  I had finally found my tribe.


Version 2Kristin Edwards


Adding some “sparkle memories” to our lives is what we all need a little bit (or a lot more of) and so I am honored to facilitate some amazing moments to create strong friendships and special memories with other mamas in our group.

Favorite DD Memory:  One of my very first DD meetings, when many jaws dropped when they learned I had 5 kids all 5 and under with my twins being the youngest of the 5.  I loved the laughter during the meetings, the tools given from amazing speakers/professionals and the deep bonds I felt with gals I just met because they understood what a blessing and challenge it is to be honored to be a mama for twins.


Mia Gorrell  


Please contact me when you have any feedback for the newsletter or website. I am always open to new ideas!

Favorite DD memory: When I went to one of my first DD play dates with my new babies, everyone was so welcoming and accommodating. Everyone there understood the chaos and was willing to hold one of my babies so I could tend to the other one. I love the unspoken understanding we all have!


Kids Stuff Sale Coordinators

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Erica EricksonErica E


Favorite DD memory: Just one memory… that is hard as I have so many.  I think for me it was receiving a meal when my twins were only a few weeks old from another mom whose twins were only three months old.  This member touched me so much that day and has turned into an amazing friend!


Paula Hogg


Favorite DD memory: My favorite DD moment(s) is watching and working with a group of women for others. As moms we know how precious our time is, but belonging to a group of women that recognize giving back to the community is very rewarding. Having the opportunity to serve has been a very positive experience for me since joining DD.

Membership Liason

Jen Weist


Contact me about questions regarding your big sister, your small group, or how to get the support you need in Darling Doubles.

Favorite DD memory: My favorite DD memory is going to the Christmas meetings! The gift exchange is so much fun and always a lot of laughs!


 Community Outreach/Meals Coordinator

Lindsey2-249x300Lindsey Leuenberger-Klautsch 


Contact me when you have questions about our holiday parties, mom’s night out, or our annual membership dinner.

Favorite DD memory:  Attending new member chats when my girls were tiny.  It has been so rewarding to make connections back then and see our babies grow up together now.